Regenerative Medicine using iPSCs: Setting Your Research Up for Success

Sunday, March 26, 2017 - 09:10

Fabrizio Rinaldi, PhD, Scientist in Stem Cell Research and Development, Bio-Techne
Tim Manning, PhD, Proteins Product Manager, Bio-Techne

As induced pluripotent stem cells continue progress towards cell therapy use to treat neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, vision impairment, and heart repair, there are critical questions and steps for maintaining cell quality and consistency that need to be considered. This webinar is designed to get researchers thinking about the best ways to control the quality and consistency of a stem cell therapy as it begins its therapeutic transition. The first part of the webinar introduces methods and tips to efficiently validate and assess variability across human iPS cell lines, a critical step for controlling quality within iPS cell translation. The second half of the webinar focuses on how and when to begin incorporating GMP proteins into your product development pipeline. The goal of this webinar is to provide iPS cell researchers with a better understanding about how to translate their research into a therapy.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Techniques for iPS cell validation
  • Ways to minimize iPS cell line variation
  • When to incorporate GMP Proteins into your workflow
  • What to look for in a GMP manufacturer

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