Antigen Retrieval Reagents

R&D Systems offers reagents to promote epitope availability and enhance immunoreactivity. Antigen Retrieval Reagent-Basic* (Catalog # CTS013), Antigen Retrieval Reagent-Acidic* (Catalog # CTS014) and Antigen Retrieval Reagent-Universal (Catalog # CTS015) are three different antigen retrieval systems that utilize heat-induced recovery of cell and tissue antigens. Antigen Retrieval Reagents-Sampler Pack (Catalog # CTS016) contains all three reagents in one convenient pack. Each reagent is supplied as a 10X concentrate (50 mL).

*Unlike Universal solution, Acidic and Basic solutions may also affect tissue morphology. The optimal antigen unmasking condition is a function of temperature (90 - 100° C) and incubation time (up to 30 minutes) and should be established by each individual investigator.

Control Antigen Retrieval
Neuroplastin 65 was detected in human cerebellar tissue using 3 µg/mL goat anti-human/mouse Neuroplastin 65 polyclonal antibody (Catalog # AF5360). Tissue was pretreated with R&D Systems Antigen Retrieval Reagent-Basic (Catalog # CTS013). Tissue was stained using R&D Systems Anti-Goat HRP-DAB Cell & Tissue Staining Kit (brown, Catalog # CTS008) and counterstained with hematoxylin (blue).