Get Superior Accuracy & Precision with R&D Systems Luminex® Assays

Spike recovery and linearity of dilution are two commonly used methods for measuring the accuracy and precision of an assay. We tested our Luminex Assays against two leading competitors and found that our assays provide superior accuracy and precision compared to the competition.

Superior Accuracy with R&D Systems® Luminex Assays

The range that is generally considered acceptable for spike recovery is 70% - 130% (horizontal red bars). As shown below, all R&D Systems Luminex Assays fell within this acceptable range. In contrast, no assays from Competitor 1, and only one assay from Competitor 2 fell within the acceptable range.

Serum Spike Recovery
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Serum Spike Recovery. For each Luminex assay, a known concentration of recombinant protein was spiked into calibrator diluent (reference value) and a pooled serum sample. Unspiked serum sample values were subtracted from the spiked serum values and compared against the reference value to determine % recovery.

Superior Precision with R&D Systems Luminex Assays

The range that is generally considered acceptable for linearity of dilution is 70%-130% (red bars). As shown below, the linearity of the R&D Systems TNF-alpha Luminex Assay fell within this acceptable range, but the competitor assays did not.

Linearity of Dilution. A known concentration of recombinant human TNF-alpha was spiked into serum or plasma and assayed by two-fold serial dilutions for each Luminex Assay. Sample values were back-calculated based on the standard curve, normalized to the initial sample dilution, and represented as % recovery vs. sample dilution.

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