ApoStat Apoptosis Detection Kits

ApoStat is designed to identify and quantify caspase activity in apoptotic cells by flow cytometry. Cells undergoing apotosis are irreversibly labeled with a cell permeable, FITC-conjugated pan-caspase inhibitor (ApoStat). Any unbound reagent diffuses out of the cell and is washed away. Cells are then analyzed by flow cytometry for the presence of bound reagent. Increased fluorescence is an indicator of caspases activity within cells. The detection of active caspases by flow cytometry is a rapid method for identifying cells undergoing apoptosis.

ApoStat Apoptosis Detection Kit

Label: FITC
Testing Format: Flow Cytometry
Sample Type: Cultured cells
Size: 100 Tests (Catalog # FMK012)
Detection of Caspase Activation in Jurkat Cells. Human Jurkat leukemic T cells were cultured in the absence (green) or presence (purple) of 1 µM staurosporine for 3.5 hours and then stained with ApoStat (Catalog # FMK012) for 30 minutes. The cells were harvested, washed, and assayed by flow cytometry to determine the percentage of cells expressing active caspases.