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Batimastat | CAS No. 130370-60-4 | Synthetic Metalloprotease Inhibitors
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Description: Potent, broad spectrum MMP inhibitor
Alternative Names: BB-94

Chemical Name: (2R,3S)-N4-Hydroxy-N1-[(1S)-2-(methylamino)-2-oxo-1-(phenylmethyl)ethyl]-2-(2-methylpropyl)-3-[(2-thienylthio)methyl]butanediamide

Purity: ≥99%

Product Details
Citations (29)

Biological Activity

Batimastat is a potent, broad spectrum MMP inhibitor (IC50 values are 3, 4, 4, 6 and 20 nM for MMP -1, -2, -9, -7 and -3 respectively). Exhibits antiproliferative, anti-invasive and antimetastatic activity in human ovarian carcinoma xenografts in vivo.

Technical Data

Soluble to 100 mM in DMSO
Store at -20°C

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Citations for Batimastat

The citations listed below are publications that use Tocris products. Selected citations for Batimastat include:

29 Citations: Showing 1 - 10

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