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CometAssay Electrophoresis Starter Kit Summary

Provides the reagents and instrumentation to standardize the Comet assay.

Key Benefits

• Specially treated slides to promote agarose adherence
• Ready to use low melt agarose (LMAgarose) in convenient size
• Lysis Solution suitable for either alkaline or neutral comet assay
• Optimized electrophoresis conditions

What is the CometAssay?

The Comet assay, or single cell gel electrophoresis assay, provides a simple and effective method for evaluating DNA damage in cells. The principle of the assay is based upon the ability of denatured, cleaved DNA fragments to migrate out of the nucleoid under the influence of an electric field, whereas undamaged DNA migrates slower and remains within the confines of the nucleoid when a current is applied. Evaluation of the DNA “comet” tail shape and migration pattern allows for assessment of DNA damage. The general Comet assay protocol includes first immobilizing cells in a bed of low melting point agarose, gently lysing the cells, treating cells with neutral or alkali solutions to unwind and denature the DNA as well as hydrolyze sites of damage. DNA is then subjected to electrophoresis and stained with a fluorescent DNA intercalating dye.

Why Use the CometAssay Electrophoresis Starter Kit?

CometAssay Electrophoresis Starter Kit offers a complete standardized system for the comet assay which includes a 50 test sample Reagent Kit (25 x 2 well slides), Alkaline Control Cells, and the CometAssay Electrophoresis System II for consistent and reproducible results. Each lot of the Alkaline Control Cells, reagents and CometSlides are tested and qualified for use in the CometAssay ES II.

Kit Contents

• CometAssay Electrophoresis System
• CometAssay Lysis Solution
• CometAssay LMAgarose
• CometSlides (2 Well, 25 Slides)
• 200 mM EDTA, pH 10
• CometAssay Alkaline Control Cells
Note: The components for this kit may require different storage/shipping temperatures and may arrive in separate packaging.


Shipping Conditions
The components for this kit may require different storage/shipping temperatures and may arrive in separate packaging. Upon receipt, store products immediately at the temperature recommended on the product labels.
The components for this kit may require different storage/shipping temperatures and may arrive in separate packaging. Upon receipt, store products immediately at the temperature recommended on the product labels.


For research use only. Not for diagnostic use.

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  1. Will any commercial horizontal gel electrophoresis device work for the Comet Assay?

    • Electrophoresis conditions described for FLARE™ Assay, CometAssay® and CometChip® Kits were optimized for the CometAssay® Electrophoresis System (Catalog # 4250-050-ES). Conventional slab gel electrophoresis chambers are not designed to eliminate known causes of comet assay variability (alkaline pH, buffer height, temperature, slide orientation). They can be used, but they require optimization by the user to achieve consistent results.

  2. What power supply is recommended for the CometAssay Electrophoresis System?

    • We recommend PowerPac™ HC High-Current Power Supply (1645052), available from Bio-Rad.

  3. Which adaptor can be used with the PowerPac ( Bio-Rad®, Catalog # 1645052) recommended for the CometAsay Electrophoresis System II?

    • The PowerPac Adator (Catalog # 1645064) can be used with the PowerPac recommended for the CometAsay Electrophoresis System II.

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