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CometAssay HT Sample Kit Summary

Includes two specially treated 20-well CometSlides and sufficient reagents for 40 test samples.

Key Benefits

• Specially treated slides to promote agarose adherence
• Ready to use low melt agarose (LMAgarose) in convenient size
• Lysis Solution suitable for either alkaline or neutral comet assay
• Optimized electrophoresis conditions

Product Specifications

  • Applicable for the analysis of either single- or double-strand DNA breaks
  • Study cellular responses to DNA damage
  • Screen for inhibitors of DNA repair
  • Test chemicals for toxicity
  • Screen for environmental mutagens

Kit Contents

• CometAssay Lysis Solution
• CometAssay LMAgarose
• 200 mM EDTA, pH 10
• CometSlides (20 Well, 2 Slides)


Shipping Conditions
The product is shipped at ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store it immediately at the temperature recommended on the label.
Store the unopened product at room temperature. Do not use past expiration date.


For research use only. Not for diagnostic use.

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