ELISpot Development Modules

ELISpot development modules are an alternative to ELISpot kits. A basic understanding of ELISpot assay development is required for the successful use of these reagents. Each investigator should optimize the coating conditions, the assay sensitivity, the type of enzyme and substrate, as well as the concentrations of the capture and detection antibodies to achieve desired results.

The analyte-specific ELISpot Development Modules and the ELISpot Blue Color Module contain the necessary components for analyte detection and visualization, respectively. These modules can be used together but are sold separately. Each module contains enough reagents for at least 5 96-well microplates.



  • Optimized capture and detection antibody pairings and recommended concentrations save lengthy development time
  • Generic development protocols provide direction to start an optimization protocol
  • Customize the assay to your specific needs

Kit Contents:

ELISpot Development Module Contents

  • Capture Antibody Concentrate
  • Detection Antibody Concentrate

ELISpot Blue Color Module Contents

  • Streptavidin-AP