Human Soluble Receptor Array Kit Non-Hematopoietic Panel


R&D Systems Human Soluble Receptor Array Kit Non-Hematopoietic Panel (Catalog # ARY012) is a rapid, sensitive, and economical tool used to simultaneously detect the relative levels of 119 different soluble receptors expressed and released by non-hematopoietic cells in a single sample. No specialized equipment is necessary.

Simultaneously detect the levels of these soluble receptors in a single sample.
Non-Hematopoeitic Array     Common Analytes Array
ADAM15 Integrin alpha 6/CD49f     ACE HB-EGF
betaIG-H3 Integrin alpha 9     ADAM8 ICAM-2/CD102
BMPR-IB/ALK-6 Integrin alpha V/CD51     ADAM9 IL-1 RII
Cadherin-4/R-Cadherin Jagged 1/CD339     ADAM10 IL-15 R alpha
Cadherin-11 JAM-B/VE-JAM/JAM2/CD322     ALCAM/CD166 Integrin beta 1/CD29
Cadherin-13 JAM-C/JAM3     Amphiregulin Integrin beta 2/CD18
E-Cadherin LRP-6     APP (pan) Integrin beta 3/CD61
N-Cadherin MCAM/CD146     BACE-1 Integrin beta 4/CD104
P-Cadherin MEPE     BCAM/CD239 Integrin beta 5
VE-Cadherin MUCDHL     C1q R1/CD93 Integrin beta 6
Cathepsin D Nectin-2/CD112     CD9 JAM-A/CD321
CD40 Nectin-4     CD23/Fc epsilon RII Lipocalin-2/NGAL
CEACAM-5/CD66e Neurotrimin     CD31/PECAM-1 LOX-1/SR-E1/CLEC8A
CHL-1/L1CAM-2 Notch-1     CD36/SR-B3 MD-1/LY86
Clusterin NrCAM     CD40 Ligand MMP-2 (total)
Coagulation Factor II/Thrombin Periostin/OSF-2     CD44H NCAM-1/CD56
COMP/Thrombospondin-5 Podocalyxin     CD58/LFA-3 NCAM-L1/CD171
CRELD2 E-Selectin     CD90/Thy1 Osteopontin
Desmoglein 2 Semaphorin 3A     CD99 PAR1
ECM-1 SREC-I/SR-F1     CD155/PVR Pref-1/DLK-1/FA1
Endoglycan Stanniocalcin 1     CX3CL1/Fractalkine Stabilin-1
EpCAM/TROP-1 Syndecan-1/CD138     CXCL8/IL-8 TACE/ADAM17
ErbB2/HER2 Syndecan-4     EMMPRIN/CD147 Thrombospondin-1
ErbB3/HER3 Thrombospondin-2     Endoglin/CD105 TIMP-1
ErbB4/HER4 TIMP-4     Epiregulin TIMP-2
ESAM TROP-2     Galectin-1 TIMP-3
Galectin-2 VAP-1/AOC3     Galectin-3 TNF RII
HPRG VCAM-1     Galectin-3BP/MAC-2BP  
Integrin alpha 3/CD49c VEGF R1/Flt-1        
Integrin alpha 5/CD49e VEGF R2/KDR/Flk-1        

General Assay Principle

Carefully selected capture antibodies have been spotted in duplicate on nitrocellulose membranes. Cell culture supernatant, serum, or cell lysate samples are diluted and incubated with each array part of the Non-Hematopoietic Panel. This panel is comprised of the Non-Hematopoietic Array and the Common Analytes Array, which is also used in the Hematopoietic Array Panel (R&D Systems, Catalog # ARY011). The membranes are washed to remove unbound material followed by incubation with their specific cocktail of biotinylated detection antibodies. Streptavidin-Horseradish Peroxidase and chemiluminescent detection reagents are added, and a signal is produced in proportion to the amount of receptor bound. Chemiluminescence is detected in the same manner as a Western blot.

Kit Contents

  • 2 Non-Hematopoeitic Array Membranes
  • 2 Common Analyte Array Membranes
  • 4-Well Multi-dish
  • Array Buffers
  • Wash Buffer
  • Antibody Detection Cocktail
  • Streptavidin-HRP
  • Chemiluminescent Detection Reagents
  • Transparency Overlay Template
  • Detailed Protocol

For a complete list of the kit contents and necessary materials, please see the Materials Provided/Other Supplies Required sections of the product datasheet.