Methylcellulose-based Reagents for Colony Forming Cell (CFC) Assays

For use in human, mouse, and rat CFC assays.

Product Summary

R&D Systems offers a broad selection of Methylcellulose products to support human, mouse, and rat HSC growth and differentiation. Our high quality Methylcellulose media have superior optical clarity to support optimal colony growth, enumeration, and identification. Methylcellulose stock solutions and base media can be supplemented with user-defined cytokines and growth factors while Methylcellulose complete media products are ready to use and are supplemented with our premium quality recombinant proteins and growth factors. We also offer specialized Methylcellulose media such as Epo-free and complete media for Pre-B cells. Please see the table below for our offering of human, mouse, and rat Methylcellulose-based media and stock solutions.



  • Excellent optical clarity facilitates colony identification
  • Supports reproducible in vitro growth of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells
  • Complete Methylcellulose media products are supplemented with our premium quality recombinant proteins
  • Base media and stock solutions can be supplemented with user-defined proteins and growth factors
  • High lot-to-lot consistency decreases variation

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