Purified DNA for Hybridization

Highly purified and qualified for Northern, Southern, and dot blotting procedures. Purified DNA is used as a blocking agent in pre-hybridization and hybridization to prevent non-specific binding.

DNA is provided at a concentration of 10 mg/mL which allows convenient addition to buffers to create a final recommended working concentration of 0.1 mg/mL with a fragment size range of 200 - 500 base pairs. Quality control testing includes concentration determination, fragment sizing by gel electrophoresis, A260/A280 ultraviolet absorbency ratio, protein content, and membrane hybridization.

Calf Thymus DNA (5 x 1 mL) (Catalog # 9600-5-D)

Herring Sperm DNA (5 x 1 mL) (Catalog # 9605-5-D)

Salmon Sperm DNA (5 x 1 mL) (Catalog # 9610-5-D)