The R&D Systems Approach to Antibody Quality

R&D Systems carefully tests every antibody we produce to ensure outstanding performance. Our commitment to quality allows you to be confident in your results and help you generate publication-quality data. Details regarding the steps we take to provide you with only the highest-quality antibodies are listed below.

Quality Control

quality antibody

Each antibody is manufactured under controlled conditions, undergoing rigorous quality control testing to ensure lot-to-lot consistency and outstanding performance in all applications listed on our datasheets.

Endotoxin Level

Neutralizing antibodies are tested to ensure low endotoxin levels which are reported on individual datasheets. The formulation of most antibodies does not contain azide or other preservative.

Extensive Specificity Testing

All antibodies are tested for cross-reactivity with closely related molecules using a variety of applications, including direct ELISA, to ensure specificity. These efforts are facilitated by our extensive library of in-house developed antigens.


For maximum stability, most antibodies are supplied lyophilized. This also facilitates shipping and storage.

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