R&D Systems Certified Antibodies for Simple Western by ProteinSimple

Finding Simple Western™ certified antibodies
just got a lot simpler!

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We've removed the step of screening antibodies from your Simple Western workflow. R&D Systems has partnered up with our sister companies ProteinSimple and Novus Biologicals, to certify antibodies to use on your Wes, Sally Sue and Peggy Sue. All antibodies certified in-house by our experienced scientists.

Together with Novus Biologicals, we offer over 1,000 Simple Western certified antibodies. To access a list of antibodies that have been Simple Western certified, simply click here for the R&D Systems list or visit the Novus Biologicals antibody site, and select the Simple Western application in your search. We have given the antibodies a badge of honor:



We're constantly adding to the list but if you don't see your antibody, you can fill out our Product Suggestion form or check back every now and then.


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