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PNGase F is a glycosidase that is widely used in the analysis of glycans on biotherapeutics. Our active PNGase F enzyme (Catalog # 9109-GH) exhibits the same activity as the enzyme from the leading competitor, but at the fraction of the cost.*

R&D Systems® PNGase F Exhibits the Same Activity as the Enzyme from the Leading Supplier

Data presenting deglycosylation of RNase B by Recombinant F. meningosepticum PNGase F from R&D Systems (Catalog # 9109-GH) and the leading competitor shows that R&D Systems® PNGase F exhibits the same activity as the competitor's enzyme.


R&D Systems® PNGase F Offers a Better Value than the Competition

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R&D Systems recognizes that it is cumbersome to compare products between companies when each company has a different standard for product size. To help you compare the value of R&D Systems® Recombinant F. meningosepticum PNGase F (Catalog # 9109-GH) and PNGase F from the leading competitor, we graphed the total activity for each enzyme. You will get twice as many reactions from
R&D Systems® PNGase F compared to the competitor’s without 2x the cost. Calculate the cost/100 reactions for each enzyme and you will see that R&D Systems® PNGase F is the best value!


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Need a GMP-Grade PNGase F?

R&D Systems has the ability to manufacture a GMP-grade PNGase F recombinant protein that meets the stringent requirements necessary for use as a cell therapy reagent or as an ancillary protein for manufacturing. Contact our Custom Protein Services and we will work with you to fulfill your needs.


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*Comparing cost/100 reactions between R&D Systems® and competitor’s PNGase F.