Catalog Number: 1418
Chemical Name: 5-[(1E)-2-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)ethenyl]-1,3,benzenediol
Biological Activity
A phytoestrogen with antitumor, antioxidant, antiplatelet, anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects. Inhibits cytochrome P450 1A1 (IC50 = 23 μM) and displays mixed agonist/antagonist actions at ERα and ERβ estrogen receptors. Converted into the anticancer agent piceatannol (Cat. No. 1554) by cytochrome P450 1B1. Activates autophagy.
Technical Data
  • M.Wt:
  • Formula:
  • Solubility:
    Soluble to 100 mM in ethanol and to 100 mM in DMSO
  • Purity:
  • Storage:
    Desiccate at +4°C
  • CAS No:
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