Sample Data: Human Cytokine Array, Panel A

Location Analyte Location Analyte
A1 PC C6 IL-17
A2 C5a C7 IL-17E
A3 CD40 L C8 IL-23
A4 G-CSF C9 IL-27
A5 GM-CSF C10 Blank
A6 GRO-α D1 Blank
A7 I-309 D2 IL-32α
A8 ICAM-1 D3 IP-10
A10 PC D5 MCP-1
B1 Blank D6 MIF
B2 IL-1α D7 MIP-1α
B3 IL-1β D8 MIP-1β
B4 IL-1ra D9 Serpin E1
B5 IL-2 D10 Blank
B6 IL-4 E1 PC
B8 IL-6 E3 SDF-1
B9 IL-8 E4 TNF-α
B10 Blank E5 TREM-1
C1 Blank E6 Blank
C2 IL-10 E7 Blank
C3 IL-12 p70 E8 Blank
C4 IL-13 E9 Blank
C5 IL-16    
Figure 1

Figure 1. R&D Systems Human Cytokine Array, Panel A ( Catalog # ARY005) utilizes capture antibodies spotted onto a nitrocellulose membrane to allow high-throughput multi-analyte profiling of 36 cytokines, chemokines, and acute phase proteins in a single sample. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells treated with PHA for 24 hours were mixed with a cocktail of biotinylated detection antibodies, and then incubated with the Human Cytokine Array. The array was then incubated with streptavidin-horseradish peroxidase followed by chemiluminescent detection. After detection, the array data were quantitated to generate a protein profile (histogram). The table shows the analytes detected and their location on the membrane.