Supplemental Cell Selection Reagents & MagCellect™ Magnet


MagCellect™ Magnet (Catalog # MAG997)

The MagCellect Magnet is designed to effectively work with all MagCellect kits and reagents. The magnet can accommodate six 12 x 75 mm (5 mL) or two 17 x 100 mm (15 mL) round bottom tubes. The magnet is designed to be used with magnetic nanoparticles of 100 nm diameter or greater for both positive and negative cell selection applications.

Erythrocyte Lysing Kits

R&D Systems’ Erythrocyte Lysing Kits are designed to gently lyse erythrocytes from leukocyte cell preparations and stabilize the leukocytes with fixative for later analysis by flow cytometry. Cells exposed to the lysing reagent retain their natural light scattering characteristics and fluorescent staining by flow cytometry. This erythrocyte lysing method also has an advantage over other lysing methods in that the viability of unfixed cells is maintained. The fixative and lysing reagents are provided as separate reagents, thus, allowing cells to be used in tissue culture following erythrocyte lysis.

Human Erythrocyte Lysing Kit (Catalog # WL1000)

Kits optimized for lysis of human erythrocytes.

Mouse Erythrocyte Lysing Kit (Catalog # WL2000)

Kits optimized for lysis of mouse erythrocytes.