Catalog Number: 3803
Chemical Name: 5'-O-[(4-Cyanophenyl)methyl]-8-[[(3,4-dichlorophenyl)methyl]amino]-adenosine
Biological Activity
Novel adenosine-derived inhibitor of Heat Shock Protein 70 (Hsp70) (IC50 = 0.5 μM). Inhibits cell proliferation of multiple human tumor cell lines in vitro. Also binds Hsc70 and Grp78; displays selectivity against Hsp90β (IC50 >200 μM for Hsp90β).
Technical Data
  • M.Wt:
  • Formula:
  • Solubility:
    Soluble to 100 mM in DMSO
  • Purity:
  • Storage:
    Desiccate at RT
  • CAS No:
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Background References
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The citations listed below are publications that use Tocris products. Selected citations for VER 155008 include:

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