VersaClone cDNA Vector Quality Control

Each VersaClone cDNA product is manufactured in our facility and follows a strict standard operating procedure. It undergoes rigorous quality control testing to ensure an outstanding performance in a variety of applications. Our VersaClone cDNA product line is superior to other companies because of the high quality you receive for the price you pay. We promise to deliver the best value for the product you receive.

Guaranteed Sequence Accuracy

The full length gene insert is sequenced and each nucleotide is verified. The protein accession number is guaranteed to match 100%. With VersaClone cloning vectors, the entire plasmid DNA and insert translated sequences are provided for the customer’s convenience.

Rigorous Quality Control

Each production lot is tested with restriction enzymes to confirm gene specificity and inspect for impurities. Concentration and purity are determined by spectrophotometer readings. Our staff ensures your samples are handled and stored properly. Entrusting our expert personnel to provide extensive quality control on our products ensures accurate results and reproducibility in your research.