Versatile and Convenient

Our VersaClone cloning vectors make subcloning a breeze. Their design and format were developed with ease-of-use as a top priority to keep your research moving forward. The flanking multiple cloning site regions offer choices of sticky or blunt end restriction sites, as well as those for downstream cutters.


Our VersaClone cDNA is provided to you as ready-to-use purified plasmid DNA instead of bacterial stock saving you time and resources.

Conscientious Design

Our vectors are engineered for easy handling and manipulation. Sequence-validated inserts are provided in a shuttle vector containing a 5’ Kozak consensus sequence for optimal translation initiation.

Multiple Applications

The full length open reading frame is inserted using unique restriction sites, NotI and AscI. Using our unique multiple cloning site regions, the gene of interest can be easily transferred into your desired vector allowing each clone to be used for multiple applications.