Catalog Number: 1257
Chemical Name: 22-Oxovincaleukoblastine
Biological Activity
Anticancer agent; microtubule disrupter. Induces apoptosis in human lymphoma cells.
Technical Data
  • M.Wt:
  • Formula:
  • Solubility:
    Soluble to 100 mM in water
  • Purity:
  • Storage:
    Store at -20°C
  • CAS No:
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Background References
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  3. Apoptosis induced by microtubule disrupting drugs in cultured human lymphoma cells. Inhibitory effects of phorbol ester and zinc sulphate.
    Takano et al.
    Pathol.Res.Pract., 1993;189:197

The citations listed below are publications that use Tocris products. Selected citations for Vincristine sulfate include:

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  1. Temporally sequenced anticancer drugs overcome adaptive resistance by targeting a vulnerable chemotherapy-induced phenotypic transition.
    Authors: Goldman Et al.
    Nat Commun
  2. Synergistic Anti-Tumor Activity of EZH2 Inhibitors and Glucocorticoid Receptor Agonists in Models of Germinal Center Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas.
    Authors: Knutson Et al.
    PLoS One
  3. Synergistic effects of oncolytic reovirus and docetaxel chemotherapy in prostate cancer.
    Authors: Heinemann Et al.
    Sci Rep
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