Dendritic Cells

This brochure describes Dendritic Cell subsets as classified by phenotypic markers. It also details the large portfolio of tools that we offer for Dendritic Cell research including:

  • MagCellect Human CD14+ Cell Isolation Kit
  • CellXVivo Human Monocyte-derived Dendritic Cell Differentiation kit
  • Growth Factors for dendritic cell differentiation
  • Fluorochrome-Conjugated and Unlabeled Antibodies for Identifying and characterizing Dendritic Cell subsets
  • Human Myeloid Dendritic Cell Multi-color Flow Cytometry Kit
  • ELISpot & FluoroSpot kits and ELISAs for detecting factors secreted by dendritic cells
  • Multiplex Assays for detecting multiple target analytes
  • Recombinant Proteins and blocking/neutralization antibodies for factors secreted by dendritic cell subsets
  • Antibodies for dendritic cell development research
  • Proteins and antibodies for studying T Cell co-Signaling molecules
  • Antibodies for studying toll-like receptors, C-type lectin receptors and scavenger receptors
Dendritic Cells

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