Products for IL-1 Family Research

This brochure summarizes the IL-1 cytokine family ligands, receptors and signaling pathways. It also describes tools that can be used to test IL-1 signaling responses. Tools one might expect to see in this brochure include:

  • Inhibitors to IL-1, IL-18, IL-33, and IL-36
  • Recombinant Proteins for IL-1 Family Cytokines
  • IL-1 family receptor antagonists
  • Unlabeled and fluorochrome conjugated IL-1 cytokine and IL-1 receptor antibodies for a wide variety of applications
  • ELISA Kits and multiplex assays for detecting IL-1 cytokines, receptors, and downstream signaling molecules
  • Tocris® IL-1 signaling-related small molecule activators and inhibitors
Products for IL-1 Family Research

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