Hematopoietic Colony Identification Guide Wall Poster

This wall poster provides an overview of the Colony Forming Cell (CFC) Assay for hematopoietic stem cells and the morphological outcomes you can expect to see when performing the assay. This useful reference guide is a stunning edition to any wall near your microscopes or culture hoods and is designed for students and scientists alike. Request your free copy today!

Some of the topics covered by this wall poster are:

  • Overview of the principal of the CFC Assay for hematopoietic colony identification
  • Colony examples (with images) and characteristics of each colony type
  • How to differentiate different colony types that may appear similar at first glance
  • Access to our video protocol with tips to improve your CFC Assays or train students and staff
  • Reagents that support the CFC Assay and hematopoietic cell cultures
Hematopoietic Colony Identification Guide Wall Poster

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