Immune Cell Therapy Workflow Wall Poster

The field of immune cell therapy is rapidly progressing as the solution to treat thousands of conditions including cancers, autoimmune diseases, infectious disease, and other chronic illnesses. These therapies utilize the power of immune cells either from the patient (autologous) or from a donor bank (allogenic) that are then modified and expanded to provide targeted killing to cure the threat of disease from the patient. CAR T cell therapies are the furthest along, but emerging opportunities for NK Cell, B Cell, and Dendritic Cell therapies are also on the horizon.

Bio-Techne provides flexible and pioneering tools that span the cell manufacturing process. That includes GMP proteins and small molecules, ExCellerate xeno-free cell expansion media, and TcBuster gene editing services. Visit our Custom Services for Cell and Gene Therapies to learn how we can help you produce the cell product you need.

We have developed a stunning wall poster that outlines the workflow needed to produce immune cells at scale for therapeutic use. This poster gives an overview of the cell manufacturing steps to develop and validate immune cell therapies while highlighting the unique technologies and materials Bio-Techne provides to the researchers and organizations working to enhance personalized medicine and provide new cell therapies to those suffering from chronic diseases.

Download a PDF of the poster instantly or request a copy to be mailed to you today!

Immune Cell Therapy Workflow Wall Poster

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