Detection of DNA fragmentation in the UVB-irradiated human skin model, EpiDerm™ using DermaTACS (Catalog # TA4829). Samples (A) were fixed in 10% buffered formalin at 1 hour following irradiation at 180 mJ/cm2. Control samples (B) were treated in an identical manner without irradiation. Fixed samples were embedded in paraffin and 6 µm sections were collected onto slides pretreated for electrostatic adherence. Tissue sections were labeled for DNA fragmentation using DermaTACS. The dark blue stained cells exhibit punctate morphology indicative of apoptosis. The TACS-Nuclease treated sample (C) shows the diffuse blue staining of fragmented, but uncondensed DNA. Samples were provided courtesy of Dr. Patrick Hayden, MatTek Corporation.

DermaTACS is a tissue-specific kit for optimized detection of apoptosis in skin cells and tissue. DNA fragments are labeled with terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT) and brominated nucleotides (BrdU). Incorporated BrdU is detected with a highly specific and sensitive biotinylated anti-BrdU antibody in combination with a streptavidin-peroxidase conjugate. Labeled cells are visualized with TACS Blue Label, providing unprecedented signal to noise ratios in competitive testing.

DermaTACS generates an intense blue staining in cells with DNA fragmentation, easily visualized against a pale red counterstain. Each kit also includes a non-lipophilic detergent-based buffer (optimized for the permeabilization of cells prior to labeling) and a proprietary blocking reagent that contributes to the low background obtained with DermaTACS.

Tools for Apoptosis Detection
Catalog Number TA4829
Sample Types Skin cells and tissue
Sample Size 30 Tests
Testing Format Light microscopy
DermaTACS and TACS-Nucleus are trademarks of Trevigen, Inc. EpiDerm is a trademark of MatTek Corporation.