Biomarker Testing Service

Our mission is to provide accurate and reproducible results in a timely and confidential manner.

R&D Systems has over 20 years of experience designing, testing, and optimizing immunoassay kits to ensure the highest level of performance in analyte quantification. Biomarker Testing Service is a specialized division of R&D Systems, providing sample analysis services on behalf of customers. Entrusting our expert personnel with your study samples ensures accurate results that are returned in a timely, efficient, and confidential manner.

Our Services
Cytokine and Biomarker Testing The world leader in cytokine immunoassay development offers its expert services for your clinical or research study.
Sample Stability Evaluation Biomarker Testing Service is able to provide stability testing of biomarkers in various sample matrices.
Sample Management Strict standard operating procedures combined with sample management software ensure every sample is handled and stored appropriately.
Sample Collection and Shipping Kits Kits are available through Biomarker Testing Service to facilitate safe, simple, and quick sample collection and shipping. Our kits can be fully customized to fit individual study needs.
Why Use R&D Systems Biomarker Testing Service for your Research Study?
Expertise Our Biomarker Testing Service scientists have full access to all R&D Systems products and development expertise.
Quality Assurance Stringent quality assurance program evaluates all study activities, including test performance, control results, standard operating procedures, equipment, and personnel.
Trust Our dedicated Biomarker Testing Service staff ensures your samples are treated in full accordance with the contracted study requirements. We provide rapid delivery of results and unsurpassed customer service.
Flexibility The Biomarker Testing Service team has the flexibility to work on sponsor-directed studies to fulfill any specific requests for assay service.
Experience Our Biomarker Testing Service laboratory has successfully provided assay services for contract research organizations, academic groups, government organizations, and pharmaceutical companies.
Biomarker Testing Service

Biomarker Testing Service
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