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Utilizing Extracellular Matrix to Enhance Multicellular Tumor Spheroid Models for Proliferation and Invasion

This technical video provides an overview of the methodologies, tools, and reagents used to generate multicellular tumor spheroids. Specifically, this video discusses the benefits of Cultrex® extracellular matrices for spheroid formation and analysis. Technical tips are provided for using colorimetric and fluorometric assays to evaluate cell proliferation and invasion of spheroids.

Webinar Short: B7-related Butryophilins as Immune Modulators

A short description of Butyrophilin proteins produced by R&D Systems. These B7-related proteins may be checkpoint targets.

Butyrophilin Products

Recorded December 22, 2017

CAR-TCR Summit 2017

CAR TCR Summit 2017 - Seaport World Trade Center

By Janice Frias, Ph.D., Bio-Techne Scientist

Next Generation Targets for Immuno-Oncology

R&D Systems Immuno-Oncology Webinar with Anthony Person, PhD

Anthony Person, PhD, Manager in Bioassay Development at Bio-Techne
Scott Schachtele, PhD, Product Manager at Bio-Techne