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Anandamide - d4 

Deuterated anandamide

Nalmefene - d3 

Deuterated nalmefene; opioid receptor antagonist

Ethacrynic acid - d5 

Deuterated ethacrynic acid

Ivermectin B1a-d2 

Deuterated ivermectin B1a (Cat. No. 1260)

GR 125487 - d3 sulfamate 

Deuterated GR 125487 (Cat. No. 1658)

Fenretinide - d4 

Deuterated fenretinide (Cat. No. 1396)

Fluoxetine - d5 hydrochloride 

Deuterated fluoxetine (Cat. No. 0927)

Tomoxetine - d3 hydrochloride 

Deuterated tomoxetine (Cat. No. 2011)

Clozapine - d8 

Deuterated clozapine (Cat. No. 0444)

Memantine - d6 hydrochloride 

Deuterated memantine (Cat. No. 0773)

Citalopram - d4 hydrobromide 

Deuterated citalopram (Cat. No. 1427)

Flupirtine - d4 hydrochloride 

Deuterated flupirtine (Cat. No. 2867)

Simvastatin - d6 

Deuterated simvastatin (Cat. No. 1965)

Ropinirole - d7 

Deuterated ropinirole (Cat. No. 3680)

Allopregnanolone - d5 

Deuterated allopregnanolone (Cat. No. 3653)

Acamprosate - d6 calcium 

Deuterated acamprosate (Cat. No. 3618)

Topiramate - d12 

Deuterated topiramate (Cat. No. 3620)
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