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Expanding Cryopreserved Epithelial-derived Adult Stem Cells

MimEX Tissue Models System provides a platform for the isolation, expansion, and differentiation of adult epithelial stem cells into 3-D ex vivo organ tissue. This protocol video describes how to thaw and expand adult epithelial stem cells in the MimEX System. It can be performed starting with either a MimEX Stem Cell Line or from cell stocks cryopreserved from epithelial organ biopsy tissue.

Webinar Short: B7-related Butryophilins as Immune Modulators

A short description of Butyrophilin proteins produced by R&D Systems. These B7-related proteins may be checkpoint targets.

Butyrophilin Products

Recorded December 22, 2017

Next Generation Targets for Immuno-Oncology

R&D Systems Immuno-Oncology Webinar with Anthony Person, PhD

Anthony Person, PhD, Manager in Bioassay Development at Bio-Techne
Scott Schachtele, PhD, Product Manager at Bio-Techne