Luminex® High Performance Assays 101: Consistency

Friday, March 24, 2017 - 15:46

Luminex HP Assays 101 - Consistency

Consistent assay performance is critical for research. Without reliable performance how can you be sure which results to trust when analyzing data and coming up with conclusions? From experiment to experiment, project to project, and graduate student to graduate student, you’ll never have to worry about consistent performance with our Luminex High Performance Assays. Here’s why:

Rigorous Validation Testing

All Luminex High Performance Assays undergo extensive validation testing. We test for sensitivity, intra-assay precision, and inter-assay precision to ensure assay linearity for validated sample types. Spike recovery values for individual samples in validated sample types are also tested to ensure specificity. Review our High Performance Assay product datasheets for all validation testing data.

Confirmed Lot-to-lot Consistency

All lots are tested to ensure low background, a linear standard curve, consistent assay sensitivity, and a broad dynamic standard curve range. Consistent control values established during assay development ensure that sample data is comparable over time.

Get the consistency you require


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