Organoids and Beyond – 3D Tissue in a Dish

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 - 13:40

Madeline Lancaster, PhD, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Omer Yilmaz, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biology, MIT
Sri Devi Narasimhan, Scientific Editor, Cell
Marie Bao, Editor, Developmental Cell

In this webinar, brought to you by Cell Press and Bio-Techne, we bring together leading researchers that are using stem cells to create organoids for the advancement of basic biology, regenerative medicine, and personalized medicine. With the growing use of organoids for these applications, this webinar discusses the challenges of using organoids to accurately recapitulate in vivo complexity, including microenvironment cues and cellular crosstalk. Topics in this webinar include:

Topics in this showcase include:

  • Brain organoids
  • Intestinal organoids
  • Balancing homogeneity and complexity within organoids
  • Organoids for tumorigenesis research
  • Question and answer session

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