Adoptive Cell Transfer: Monitor T Cell Exhaustion

T cell exhaustion (Tex) is a state of dysfunction that results from persistent antigen and inflammation, both of which commonly occur in cancer tissue. The reversal or prevention of exhaustion is a major area of research for cancer immunotherapy. Currently, analyzing multiple phenotypic and functional parameters in combination is required for the identification of Tex populations. A better understanding of T cell exhaustion mechanisms and the identification of unique phenotypic markers for Tex cells will greatly facilitate the advancement of adoptive cell transfer strategies.

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Hallmarks of T Cell Exhaustion

Hallmarks commonly used to monitor CD4+ and CD8+ T cell exhaustion are listed below. Click the links for relevant products, including proteins (GMP-grade available!), ELISAs, flow cytometry antibodies, and assays for proliferation and cytotoxicity.

CD8+ T cells

CD4+ T cells


Discover Novel Markers for T Cell Exhaustion

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Human XL Cytokine Antibody Array

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Cytokine Secretion Profile of Leukemia Cells. THP-1 human acute monocytic leukemia cells were untreated or treated with 1 µg/mL of Recombinant Human IFN-gamma (Catalog # 285-IF) for 16 hours and 1 µg/mL of LPS for 8 hours. Cell supernates were analyzed using the Human XL Cytokine Array Kit (Catalog # ARY022).
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