Recombinant Human Wnt-5b

Now offering bioactive Recombinant Human Wnt-5b (Catalog # 7347-WN).

Wnt-5b is known for activation of the Wnt/planar cell polarity (PCP) and Wnt/Ca2+ pathways, while inhibiting canonical Wnt/beta-Catenin signaling.1,2 It has been shown to promote the differentiation of bone marrow mesodermal progenitor cells into mesenchymal stromal cells and plays a role in osteoclast differentiation via the receptor-like tyrosine kinase Ryk.3,4 Other activities thought to be regulated by Wnt-5b include convergent extension during gastrulation, chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation, ocular development, and adipogenesis.1,2 In addition, polymorphisms have been linked to type II diabetes, and Wnt-5b is highly expressed in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).5,6

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Wnt-5b Antagonizes Wnt-3a-induced Alkaline Phosphatase Production.
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Wnt-5b Antagonizes Wnt-3a-induced Alkaline Phosphatase Production. The MC3T3-E1 mouse preosteoblast cell line was treated with increasing concentrations of Recombinant Mouse Wnt-3a (Catalog # 1324-WN) and alkaline phosphatase production was assessed (green). The effect induced by 5 ng/mL Recombinant Mouse Wnt-3a was inhibited in a dose-dependent manner using Recombinant Human Wnt-5b (Catalog # 7347-WN; blue).


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