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Resazurin can be utilized as a simple and quantitative method for measuring cell proliferation, viability, and cytotoxicity. It is a non-toxic, water soluble, redox-sensitive dye that changes from its blue/non-fluorescent state to a pink/highly-fluorescent state upon reduction by viable cells. Fluorescence can be read using 544 nm excitation and 590 nm emission wavelengths or absorbance can be read using a spectrophotometer set at 570 nm.

  • Label: Resazurin changes from blue/non-fluorescent to pink/highly-fluorescent
  • Testing Format: Microplate reader
  • Sample Type: Cultured cells
  • Size: 100 mL (Catalog # AR002)

Available Products

Cultrex Poly-L-Lysine

A highly positively charged amino acid chain commonly used as a coating agent to promote cell adhesion in culture (Catalog # 3438-100-01).


Holo-Transferrin facilitates the delivery of cytosolic iron through a receptor-mediated process (Catalog # 2914-HT).

Polystyrene Culture Microplates

R&D Systems offers packs of high-binding, flat-bottom polystyrene 96-well microplates. Each microplate consists of twelve removable strips of 8 wells and are available in both clear (Catalog # DY990) and black (Catalog # DY991).