Chondrogenesis Induction

To efficiently drive differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to chondrocytes.

Product Summary

The StemXVivo® Chondrogenic Base Media (Catalog # CCM005) and Chondrogenic Supplement (Catalog # CCM006) have been optimized to efficiently drive differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells to chondrocytes.  The base media and supplements are fully defined to reduce experimental variation and contain premium quality recombinant proteins to efficiently induce chondrogenesis. Our StemXVivo® media products, which are manufactured in-house, are specifically designed and validated for stem cell culture. In addition, Tocris Bioscience offers small molecules which can be used as part of a user-defined supplement to induce chondrogenesis. 


  • Efficient and convenient method to induce of chondrogenic differentiation of MSCs
  • Optimized for MSC differentiation
  • Fully defined media and supplement reduce experimental variation
  • Induces consistent MSC differentiation

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Base Media

Human/Mouse/Rat StemXVivo® Chondrogenic Base Media

Base media for the induction of chondrogenesis.


Human/Mouse StemXVivo® Chondrogenic Supplement

To induce differentiation of human and mouse MSCs to chondrocytes.