Catalog Number: 3394
Biological Activity
Reversed amino acid sequence control peptide for SLIGRL-NH2 (Cat. No. 1468), a protease-activated receptor-2 (PAR2) agonist that facilitates gastrointestinal transit in vivo.
Technical Data
  • M.Wt:
  • Formula:
  • Sequence:

    (Modifications: Ser-6 = C-terminal amide)

  • Solubility:
    Soluble to 2 mg/ml in 30% acetonitrile / water
  • Storage:
    Store at -20°C
  • CAS No:
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Additional Information
Other Product-Specific Information:
Background References
  1. Evidence that PAR-1 and PAR-2 mediate prostanoid-dependent contraction in isolated guinea-pig gallbladder.
    Tognetto et al.
    Br.J.Pharmacol., 2000;131:689
  2. Protease-activated receptor-2 (PAR-2)-related peptides induce tear secretion in Rats: Involvement of PAR-2 and non-PAR-2 mechanisms.
    Nishikawa et al.
    J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther., 2005;312:324
  3. Initial support for the hypothesis that PAR2 is involved in the immune response to Nippostrongylus brasiliensis in mice.
    Devlin et al.
    Parasitol.Res., 2007;101:105
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