Luminex® Performance Non-human Primate XL Cytokine Panel

Why Multiplex with the R&D Systems’ Luminex Non-human Primate XL Cytokine Performance Panel?

  • Trust your Results: You will get reliable and accurate multiplexing data with our carefully formulated diluents to minimize false positive results and allow for exact measurement of target analytes. Additionally, all our Multiplex Luminex Performance assays undergo the same rigorous validation as our world renown Quantikine ELISA kits
  • The Largest Customizable Non-human Primate Panel on the Market: Choose our complete strategically configured panel or choose only the analytes you need, in any combination of the 36 available analytes
  • Superior Accuracy: We tested our Luminex Performance Non-human Primate XL Cytokine Panel for linearity of dilution side-by-side with leading competitors and our panel outperformed the competition
  • Reduce Total Multiplex Assay Time: With your made-to-order magnetic bead cocktail already premixed and only one premixed biotin antibody cocktail to prepare, mixing errors will be eliminated and total assay time will be reduced. We also give you a second vial of standard cocktail, so you are using a fresh vial for your second split plate assay!
  • Easy to Order: Order directly from the product datasheet or go directly to the Luminex Customization Tool

“This NHP kit was easy to use and the reagents easy to prepare. The acquisition of data didn’t take any longer than running a plate with fewer biomarkers. The P.I. of this study was pleased with the results and will certainly use this kit again in future testing.”

Larry I. Magpantay | Lab Manager, Specialist at UCLA


BDNF IL-1 beta
CD40 Ligand IL-21
CCL11/Eotaxin IL-4
FGF-basic IL-5
Granzyme B CXCL10/IP-10
IFN-alpha CCL20/MIP-3 alpha
IL-10 PD-L1
IL-12 p70 RANTES
IL-13 TGF-alpha
IL-15 TNF-alpha
  sialic acid-binding immunoglobulin-type lectins


Build your NHP Panel Now!

Non-human Primate Panel Catalog # FCSTM21


Non-human Primate XL Cytokine Panel Validated Sample Types

  • Cell culture supernates
  • Serum
  • Plasma

See How R&D Systems’ Luminex Performance Assays Stack up to the Competition For Multiplexing Accuracy

R&D Systems’ Luminex Performance Assays are designed to yield the best possible multiplexing data in terms of linearity of dilution, sensitivity, reproducibility, spike and recovery, specificity and detection of endogenous protein.

We tested two other Luminex Non-human Primate Assay suppliers for linearity of dilution to assess assay accuracy. Our assay outperformed other suppliers’ assays using serum and plasma for all the analytes listed below. Remember a flat line equals an accurate assay!


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