Lysis Buffer 17 (1 x 21 mL)

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Lysis Buffer 17 (1 x 21 mL) Summary

  • Store unopened vial at 2-8 °C. Stable for up to 30 days after opening when stored at 2-8 °C.
  • Contains ProClin® which may cause an allergic reaction. Avoid breathing mist. Wear protective gloves, clothing, eye, and face protection. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Please refer to the MSDS on our website prior to use. Note: May turn yellow over time.
  • For use with recommended Proteome Profiler™ Array kits. Please refer to the product-specific package insert for more information.

Kit Contents

1 vial (21 mL) of a non-denaturing buffered solution with preservatives.


Shipping Conditions
The product is shipped with polar packs. Upon receipt, store it immediately at the temperature recommended below.
Store the unopened product at 2 - 8 °C. Do not use past expiration date.

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