Microplate Reader-based Kits

Kits to detect apoptosis in samples of suspended cells or cell monolayers using a microplate reader.

TiterTACS® in situ

A complete kit supplied with TACS-Sapphire optimized for colorimetric detection in 96-well plates, and all the reagents necessary for generating positive controls.

Label: Biotin/Streptavidin-HRP/TACS Sapphire™
Testing Format: Plate Reader
Sample Type: Suspended or monolayer cells
Size: 96 Tests (Catalog # 4822-96-K)
Detection of Apoptosis in Staurosporin-treaded ML-1 Cells
Human ML-1 myeloblastic leukemia cells were treated with 1 µM staurosporine and then harvested, fixed, and labeled according to the protocol in the TiterTACS Kit (Catalog # 4822-96-K) prior to colorimetric analysis. The reaction was stopped with 2N HCl.