Mouse Chemokine Antibody Array


R&D Systems Proteome Profiler™ Mouse Chemokine Array Kit (Catalog # ARY020) is a rapid, sensitive, and economical tool to simultaneously detect the relative changes of 25 chemokines in a single sample. No specialized equipment is necessary.

Simultaneously detect the levels of these chemokines in a single sample.
CCL11/Eotaxin CCL6/C10 CXCL11/I-TAC
CCL2/JE/MCP-1 CCL9/10/MIP-1 gamma CXCL13/BLC/BCA-1
CCL21/6Ckine Chemerin CXCL16
CCL22/MDC Complement Component C5/C5a CXCL2/MIP-2
CCL27/CTACK CX3CL1/Fractalkine LIX
CCL3/CCL4 (MIP-1 alpha /MIP-1 beta) CXCL10/IP-10/CRG-2 IL-16

General Assay Principle

Carefully selected capture antibodies have been spotted in duplicate on nitrocellulose membranes. Cell culture supernates, cell and tissue lysates, and serum samples are diluted and mixed with a cocktail of biotinylated detection antibodies. The sample/antibody mixture is then incubated with the array. Any protein/detection antibody complex present is bound by its cognate immobilized capture antibody on the membrane. Streptavidin-Horseradish Peroxidase and chemiluminescent detection reagents are added, and a signal is produced in proportion to the amount of chemokine bound. Chemiluminescence is detected in the same manner as a Western blot.

Kit Contents

  • 4 Array Membranes
  • 4-Well Multi-dish
  • Array Buffers
  • Wash Buffer
  • Detection Antibody Cocktail
  • Streptavidin-HRP
  • Chemiluminescent Detection Reagents
  • Transparency Overlay Template
  • Detailed Protocol

For a complete list of the kit contents and necessary materials, please see the Materials Provided/Materials Required sections of the product datasheet.