Mouse IL-22BP APC-conjugated Antibody

  • Species Reactivity
  • Specificity
    Detects mouse IL-22BP in direct ELISAs and Western blots. In Western blots, approximately 10% cross‑reactivity with recombinant human (rh) IL-22BP is observed and 5% cross-reactivity with rhIL-22 R is observed.
  • Source
    Polyclonal Sheep IgG
  • Purification
    Antigen Affinity-purified
  • Immunogen
    Mouse myeloma cell line NS0-derived recombinant mouse IL‑22BP
    Accession # AAI24999
  • Formulation
    Supplied in a saline solution containing BSA and Sodium Azide.
  • Label
  • Intracellular Staining by Flow Cytometry
    10 µL/106 cells
    See below
Please Note: Optimal dilutions should be determined by each laboratory for each application. General Protocols are available in the Technical Information section on our website.
Data Examples
Intracellular Staining by Flow Cytometry
Detection of IL‑22BP in RAW 264.7 Mouse Cell Line by Flow Cytometry. RAW 264.7 mouse monocyte/macrophage cell line was stained with Sheep Anti-Mouse IL‑22BP APC‑conjugated Antigen Affinity-purified Polyclonal Antibody (Catalog # IC2376A, filled histogram) or isotype control antibody (Catalog # IC016A, open histogram). To facilitate intracellular staining, cells were fixed with Flow Cytometry Fixation Buffer (Catalog # FC004) and permeabilized with Flow Cytometry Permeabilization/Wash Buffer I (Catalog # FC005). View our protocol for Staining Intracellular Molecules.
Preparation and Storage
  • Shipping
    The product is shipped with polar packs. Upon receipt, store it immediately at the temperature recommended below.
  • Stability & Storage
    Protect from light. Do not freeze.
    • 12 months from date of receipt, 2 to 8 °C as supplied.
Background: IL-22BP

Interleukin 22 Binding Protein (IL-22BP), also known as CRF2-10, CRF2-X, and IL-22 RA2, is a 35‑45 kDa secreted glycoprotein belonging to the Type II Cytokine Receptor Family (CRF). IL-22 signals through a receptor complex consisting of IL-22 R and IL-10 R beta. IL-10 R beta is also a component of the receptor complexes for IL-10, IL-26, IL-28, and IL-29 (1-4). IL-10 R beta is widely expressed, and other cell types express either IL-10 R alpha or IL-22 R but not both (5). The mouse IL-22BP cDNA encodes a 230 amino acid (aa) precursor that includes a 20 aa signal sequence and two fibronectin type-III domains (6). Mouse IL-22BP shares 59% and 85% aa sequence identity with human and rat IL-22BP, respectively. Among type II cytokine receptors, IL-22BP is most closely related to the extracellular domain of IL-22 R, sharing 36% aa sequence identity. Splice variants of human IL-22BP exist but have not been detected for the mouse protein (6-8). IL-22BP binds an epitope on IL-22 that is required for the interaction of IL-22 with the transmembrane IL-22 R (8-10), thereby preventing the association of IL-22 R with IL-10 R beta (10). IL-22BP blocks IL-22-induced responses including induction of MHC class I expression, Stat1 and Stat3 activation, SOCS3 gene expression,the production of reactive oxygen species (6, 9) and the modulation of the proinflammatory effects of IL-22 (11). Mouse IL-22 BP neutralizes both mouse and human IL-22 (6). IL-22BP is secreted by epithelial cells, dendritic cells, activated B cells, and activated monocytes (6, 8, 12, 13).

  • References:
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  • Long Name:
    Interleukin 22 Binding Protein
  • Entrez Gene IDs:
    116379 (Human); 237310 (Mouse)
  • Alternate Names:
    class II cytokine receptor; CRF2-10; CRF2-S1IL22BP; CRF2-X; Cytokine receptor class-II member 10; Cytokine receptor family 2 member 10; Cytokine receptor family type 2, soluble 1; IL-22 RA2; IL-22 receptor subunit alpha-2; IL22BP; IL-22BP; IL-22BPCRF2X; IL22RA2; IL-22RA2; IL-22R-alpha-2; interleukin 22 receptor, alpha 2; interleukin 22-binding protein; interleukin-22 receptor subunit alpha-2; Interleukin-22-binding protein; MGC150509; MGC150510; zcytoR16
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