Multi-color Flow Cytometry Kits

Flow cytometry kits designed for analysis of cell populations use up to four fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies.

Product Summary

Flow cytometry is a powerful tool that is capable of rapidly measuring several cellular parameters simultaneously. Because each cell is assessed individually, the technique excels in experiments designed to assess the phenotype of a subgroup of cells within a heterogeneous population. For example, when antibodies are coupled to fluorochromes with non-overlapping spectra, the expression levels of multiple antigens can be assessed concurrently in a single cell.

R&D Systems now offers multi-color flow cytometry kits containing antibodies conjugated to up to four different fluorochromes: phycoerythrin (PE), allophycocyanin (APC), Peridinin Chlorophyll Protein Complex (PerCP), and Carboxyfluorescein (CFS). The application of antibody-specific fluorochromes allows simultaneous assessment of up to four different target molecules. Washed cells are fluorescently stained, with the intensity of staining directly proportional to the expression of the target molecule. All multi-color flow cytometry kits include isotype controls for each antibody, providing specific experimental comparisons.

Multi-color flow cytometry kits are available for hematopoietic stem cells, Th17 cells, embryonic stem cells, and multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells.


  • Simultaneous detection multiple different targets
  • Rapid & efficient
  • Single step staining

Kit Contents

  • Fluorochrome conjugated antibodies
  • Isotype controls
  • All necessary buffers
Th17 Multi-Color Flow Cytometry Kit. Human PBMCs were stimulated overnight with PMA (50 ng/mL), ionomycin (200 ng/mL), IL-23 (10 ng/mL; Catalog # 1290-IL), and LPS (500 ng/mL), followed by 5 hours re-stimulation with PMA/ionomycin and 3 mM monensin. Cells were stained with the human Th17 Multi-Color Flow Cytometry Kit (Catalog # FMC007). Dot plots show IL-17+ cells in relation to CD3+, IL-23 R+, or IL-22+ populations from activated PBMCs. Quadrants were set based on isotype controls.