Tumor Spheroid Proliferation & Viability Assays

To evaluate tumor cell proliferation, viability, and invasion in vitro.

Product Summary

Many in vitro tumor models lack a physiological context and/or a reproducible format for evaluating tumor cell responses to genetic manipulations or the presence of pharmacological compounds. To address issues of reproducibility and to build more physiologically relevant tumor model systems, spheroid formation methods were incorporated into 3D cultures. Spheroids, or tumor cell aggregates, are more representative of in vivo conditions than cell monolayers, and tumor cells in these microenvironments exhibit several physiological traits including relevant morphology, increased cell survival, and a hypoxic core. The Cultrex® Tumor Spheroid Assays offer flexible, standardized, high-throughput compatible formats for assessing tumor cell proliferation and quantitating the degree to which invasive cells penetrate a basement membrane barrier.


  • Increased reproducibility compared to monolayer or ECM hydrogel cultures
  • A more physiologically relevant culture system
  • Real-time, label-free monitoring of tumor spheroid expansion via microscopy
  • Optimized to induce spheroid formation in non-spheroid forming cells
  • Amenable to user-defined pharmacological or genetic studies

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Cultrex 3D Spheroid Fluorometric Proliferation/Viability Assay

Cell viability is measured using Resazurin.

Cultrex 3D Spheroid Colorimetric Proliferation/Viability Assay

Cell viability is measured using MTT.

Cultrex 3D Spheroid Cell Invasion Assay

To assess tumor cell invasion in response to user-defined chemoattractants or invasion-modulating compounds.