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Non-Viral Gene Engineering with TcBuster™ Transposon System

TcBuster is a next-generation non-viral genetic modification system with the potential to deliver therapeutic payloads to various cell types to address a broad range of therapeutic applications.

The TcBuster system includes a transposon plasmid containing the gene of interest (GOI) to be inserted in the target cell’s genome. TcBuster supports the rapid generation of transgenic mammalian cells by allowing for multigene transfer and CRISPR-mediated knockouts in one operation. TcBuster is a valuable tool for both proof-of-concept studies and manufacturing scale process development.

TcBuster can help strengthen your gene engineering process.

  • TcBuster reduces your cost of gene modification.
  • TcBuster is reliably available throughout your cell therapy manufacturing process.
  • TcBuster delivers large genetic cargoes for multi-gene insertions.

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TcBuster is a transposon-based technology used to deliver your gene-of-interest safely and randomly into a host’s genome. Watch how TcBuster can help you achieve your genome engineering goals.

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Transposon systems are capable of high efficiency, stable integration of genes into the host cell genome. This function enables the introduction of CAR constructs into immune cells to create CAR-T or other adaptive cell therapies.

TcBuster transposon mechanism of action

Overview of TcBuster Transposition Mechanism

  1. TcBuster platform introduced into the cells via electroporation.
  2. TcBuster mRNA translated into TcBuster transposase.
  3. TcBuster transposase binds to ITR regions on transposon plasmid.
  4. TcBuster transposase CUTS gene of interest (GOI) from plasmid.
  5. GOI INSERTED into cell's DNA
  6. GOI mRNA transcribed from cell's DNA
  7. Translated protein from GOI mRNA is now stably expressed in cells

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Learn more about how the transposon-based TcBuster platform provides you with competitive advantages in immune cell therapy manufacturing.

  • Directed evolution of hyperactive TcBuster
  • TcBuster in cell therapies
  • Advantages and applications of TcBuster
  • Q&A with the authors

Read the Article at Bio-Techne

TcBuster for non-viral gene engineering

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Overcome Limits of Electroporation

Our cutting edge non-viral vector transgene insertion platform harnesses DNA transposons for stable gene transfer into any cell type. TcBuster overcomes the three major technical challenges of other transposon systems.

  1. Insertion efficiency – Greater than 40% insertion efficiency for stable integration in T-cells.
  2. DNA toxicity – Proprietary techniques reduce effects of DNA toxicity.
  3. Random integration of enzyme DNA into host genome – Random delivery of transposase as mRNA or protein.

Transposons have demonstrated a safe gene delivery system insertion profile while maintaining high-efficiency gene transfer. DNA transposons enable rapid generation of transgenic mammalian cells with limited off-target effects and stable, reliable gene expression.

timeline of gene engineering with TcBuster compared to virus-based systems

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Bio-Techne believes in the power of partnerships. We have joined with Fresenius Kabi and Wilson Wolf to bring you ScaleReady™, lowering the barriers to entry into the immune cell therapy space for all sizes and stages of manufacturing programs. ScaleReady brings cell and gene therapies to life by offering a significant reduction of complexity and cost while consistently providing superior repeatability and cell quality.

The ScaleReady product portfolio supports scalable immune cell expansion, delivering true platform, process, and product continuity for your immune cell programs. When paired with the Lovo® and Cue® functionally-closed-system automated cell processing systems, Bio-Techne reagents and the G-Rex® Bioreactor enable high throughput parallel processing of cell therapies within a small footprint.

Partner with ScaleReady for TcBuster applications in immune cell therapy. For other applications of TcBuster, contact a gene engineering expert at Bio-Techne.


“We have been utilizing R&D Systems for the last two years to take on our most challenging gene engineering projects. They provide the most up-to-date engineering tools, strategies, and techniques to ensure the quickest turn-around of the final cells. The R&D Systems team really has some of the brightest and most tenacious scientists that treat our project as if it was their own research.”

   Senior Scientist, Fortune 25 Pharmaceutical Company, West Coast


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Video Transcription: Hear From Our Scientists - What Is TcBuster?

TcBuster is our proprietary transpose transposon genome engineering technology. Transposons are a virus-free way to over-express a particular protein in a cell line. Like the other systems it's a cut-and-paste transposon so you deliver your gene of interest (GOI) within a plasmid that's flanked by sequences that TcBuster recognizes. It cuts out your GOI and randomly inserts it into the genome. TcBuster is a virus-free way to overexpress pretty much any protein of interest in a cell.