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Members of the large SOX family of transcription factors are widely conserved and at least 20 are found in mammals. Structurally SOX proteins exhibit a high mobility group (HMG) motif that binds the DNA minor groove.

SOX18 (SRY-related HMG box) is a 41 kDa (predicted) Group F member of the SOX family of DNA-binding proteins. Human SOX18 is 384 amino acids (aa) in length and contains an N-terminal DNA-binding HMG box (aa 85 - 153), a central TAD region (aa 168 - 260) and a highly charged sequence that contains a nine aa transactivation motif (aa 323 - 331). SOX18 is expressed by endothelium and vascular smooth muscle, and apparently promotes the formation and organization of new capillaries. Over aa 276 - 384, human SOX18 shares 90% and 89% aa identity with mouse and porcine SOX18, respectively.

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