A Simple SDS-PAGE-based Technique for Probing Terminal Glycans

The most widely used techniques, such as HPLC and mass spectrometry, can yield detailed information about glycan composition and structure. However, these methods often require glycan removal and labeling, and can be expensive and time-consuming.

We have developed a simple and sensitive technique for probing terminal sugars on either N-linked or O-linked glycans. It combines the substrate specificity of glycoenzymes with specially designed azido-nucleotide-sugars and traditional click chemistry-based labeling. The readout is similar to Western blot chemiluminescence.

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Features and Benefits

Fast: No removal of glycans, mass spectrometry or HPLC
Specific: Labeling is achieved through enzymes known for selective substrate recognition
Sensitive: Labeling is through covalent bonding via click chemistry
Inexpensive: Access to mass spectrometry or HPLC is not required
Simple: Only common Western blotting equipment is needed

Glycan Detection Reagents

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Basic Principle