Human HGF Antibody

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Detection of Recombinant Human HGF by Western Blot.
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Human HGF Antibody Summary

Species Reactivity
Detects human HGF in direct ELISAs and Western blots. In direct ELISAs and Western blots, less than 5% cross-reactivity with recombinant mouse HGF is observed. In Western blots, no cross-reactivity with recombinant canine HGF is observed.
Polyclonal Goat IgG
Antigen Affinity-purified
S. frugiperda insect ovarian cell line Sf 21-derived recombinant human HGF
Gln32-Ser728 (Asp384Asn, Asp416Asn, Leu622Ser, His645Arg, Val678Ile)
Accession # P14210
Lyophilized from a 0.2 μm filtered solution in PBS with Trehalose. *Small pack size (SP) is supplied either lyophilized or as a 0.2 µm filtered solution in PBS.
Endotoxin Level
<0.10 EU per 1 μg of the antibody by the LAL method.


Recommended Concentration
Western Blot
0.1 µg/mL
See below
5-15 µg/mL
See below
Measured by its ability to neutralize HGF-induced IL-11 secretion in the Saos‑2 human osteosarcoma cell line. Hjertner, O. et al. (1999) Blood 94:3883.The Neutralization Dose (ND50) is typically 0.01-0.06 μg/mL in the presence of 3 ng/mL Recombinant Human HGF.

Please Note: Optimal dilutions should be determined by each laboratory for each application. General Protocols are available in the Technical Information section on our website.

Scientific Data

Western Blot Detection of Recombinant Human HGF antibody by Western Blot. View Larger

Detection of Recombinant Human HGF by Western Blot. Western blot shows 25 ng of Recombinant Human HGF (Catalog # 294-HG), Recombinant Mouse HGF (Catalog # 2207-HG) and Recombinant Canine HGF (Catalog # 3386-HG). PVDF Membrane was probed with 0.1 µg/mL of Goat Anti-Human HGF Antigen Affinity-purified Polyclonal Antibody (Catalog # AF-294-NA) followed by HRP-conjugated Anti-Goat IgG Secondary Antibody (Catalog # HAF109). Specific bands were detected for HGF at approximately 30 and 60 kDa (as indicated). This experiment was conducted under reducing conditions and using Immunoblot Buffer Group 3.

Immunohistochemistry HGF antibody in Human Liver by Immunohistochemistry (IHC-P). View Larger

HGF in Human Liver. HGF was detected in formalin fixed paraffin-embedded sections of human liver using 15 µg/mL Goat Anti-Human HGF Antigen Affinity-purified Polyclonal Antibody (Catalog # AF-294-NA) overnight at 4 °C. Tissue was stained with the Anti-Goat HRP-DAB Cell & Tissue Staining Kit (brown; Catalog # CTS008) and counterstained with hematoxylin (blue). View our protocol for Chromogenic IHC Staining of Paraffin-embedded Tissue Sections.

Neutralization IL-11 Secretion Induced by HGF and Neutralization by Human HGF Antibody. View Larger

IL-11 Secretion Induced by HGF and Neutralization by Human HGF Antibody. Recombinant Human HGF induces IL-11 secretion in the Saos-2 human osteosarcoma cell line. The dose-dependent response (orange line) is measured by the Human IL-11 Duoset (Catalog # DY218). Under these conditions, IL-11 secretion elicited by HGF is neutralized (green line) by increasing concentrations of Goat Anti-Human HGF Antigen Affinity-purified Polyclonal Antibod (Catalog # AF-294-NA). The ND50 is typically 0.01-0.06 µg/mL.

Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin Detection of Mouse HGF by Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin View Larger

Detection of Mouse HGF by Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin Characterization of CB42.A) Histology (H&E staining) of CB42 primary tumor. B). Histology (H&E) of CB42 after subcutaneous propagation (CB42P1). C). Immunohistochemical staining for beta -Catenin. D). Immunohistochemical staining for pan Cytokeratin. E). Immunohistochemical staining for HGF. F). Immunohistochemical staining for phospho-Met. Image collected and cropped by CiteAb from the following open publication (, licensed under a CC-BY license. Not internally tested by R&D Systems.

Reconstitution Calculator

Reconstitution Calculator

The reconstitution calculator allows you to quickly calculate the volume of a reagent to reconstitute your vial. Simply enter the mass of reagent and the target concentration and the calculator will determine the rest.


Preparation and Storage

Reconstitute at 0.2 mg/mL in sterile PBS.
The product is shipped at ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store it immediately at the temperature recommended below. *Small pack size (SP) is shipped with polar packs. Upon receipt, store it immediately at -20 to -70 °C
Stability & Storage
Use a manual defrost freezer and avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
  • 12 months from date of receipt, -20 to -70 °C as supplied.
  • 1 month, 2 to 8 °C under sterile conditions after reconstitution.
  • 6 months, -20 to -70 °C under sterile conditions after reconstitution.

Background: HGF

HGF, also known as scatter factor and hepatopoietin A, is a pleiotropic protein in the plasminogen subfamily of S1 peptidases. It is a multidomain molecule that includes an N-terminal PAN/APPLE-like domain, four Kringle domains, and a serine proteinase-like domain that has no detectable protease activity. Human HGF is secreted as an inactive 728 amino acid (aa) single chain propeptide. It is cleaved after the fourth Kringle domain by a serine protease to form bioactive disulfide‑linked HGF with a 60 kDa alpha  and 30 kDa beta chain. Alternate splicing generates human HGF isoforms that lack the proteinase-like domain and different numbers of the Kringle domains. Human HGF shares 91%‑94% aa sequence identity with bovine, canine, feline, mouse, and rat HGF. HGF binds heparan-sulfate proteoglycans and the widely expressed receptor tyrosine kinase, HGF R/c-MET. HGF-dependent c-MET activation is implicated in the development of many human cancers. HGF regulates epithelial morphogenesis by inducing cell scattering and branching tubulogenesis. HGF induces the upregulation of integrin alpha 2 beta 1 in epithelial cells by a selective increase in alpha 2 gene transcription. This integrin serves as a collagen I receptor, and its blockade disrupts epithelial cell branching tubulogenesis. HGF can also alter epithelium morphology by the induction of nectin-1 alpha  ectodomain shedding, an adhesion protein component of adherens junctions. In the thyroid, HGF induces the proliferation, motility, and loss of differentiation markers of thyrocytes and inhibits TSH-stimulated iodine uptake. HGF promotes the motility of cardiac stem cells in damaged myocardium.

Long Name
Hepatocyte Growth Factor
Entrez Gene IDs
3082 (Human); 15234 (Mouse); 24446 (Rat); 403441 (Canine); 102133907 (Cynomolgus Monkey); 493705 (Feline)
Alternate Names
deafness, autosomal recessive 39; DFNB39; EC 3.4.21; EC; fibroblast-derived tumor cytotoxic factor; F-TCF; hepatocyte growth factor (hepapoietin A; scatter factor); Hepatopoeitin-A; Hepatopoietin A; HGF; HGFB; HPTA; HPTAhepatocyte growth factor; lung fibroblast-derived mitogen; Scatter factor; SF; SFhepatopoeitin-A

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Human HGF Antibody
By Anonymous on 04/01/2021
Application: IHC Sample Tested: Breast tissue Species: Human

primary antibody concentration is 1 to 500 dilution.