Human ST2/IL-33 R DuoSet ELISA

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Human ST2 / IL-33 R ELISA Standard Curve
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Human ST2/IL-33 R DuoSet ELISA Summary

Assay Type
Solid Phase Sandwich ELISA
96-well strip plate
Sample Volume Required
100 µL
Sufficient Materials
For five 96-well plates*
Please see the product datasheet

* Provided that the recommended microplates, buffers, diluents, substrates and solutions are used, and the assay is run as summarized in the Assay Procedure provided.

This DuoSet ELISA Development kit contains the basic components required for the development of sandwich ELISAs to measure natural and recombinant human ST2 / IL-33 R. The suggested diluent is suitable for the analysis of most cell culture supernate samples. Diluents for complex matrices, such as serum and plasma, should be evaluated prior to use in this DuoSet ELISA.

Product Features

  • Optimized capture and detection antibody pairings with recommended concentrations save lengthy development time
  • Development protocols are provided to guide further assay optimization
  • Assay can be customized to your specific needs
  • Economical alternative to complete kits

Kit Content

  • Capture Antibody
  • Detection Antibody
  • Recombinant Standard
  • Streptavidin conjugated to horseradish-peroxidase (Streptavidin-HRP)

Other Reagents Required

PBS: (Catalog # DY006), or 137 mM NaCl, 2.7 mM KCl, 8.1 mM Na2HPO4, 1.5 mM KH2PO4, pH 7.2 - 7.4, 0.2 µm filtered

Wash Buffer: (Catalog # WA126), or equivalent

Reagent Diluent*

Blocking Buffer*

Substrate Solution: 1:1 mixture of Color Reagent A (H2O2) and Color Reagent B (Tetramethylbenzidine) (Catalog # DY999)

Stop Solution: 2 N H2SO4 (Catalog # DY994)

Microplates: R&D Systems (Catalog # DY990), or equivalent

Plate Sealers: ELISA Plate Sealers (Catalog # DY992), or equivalent

*For the Reagent Diluent and Blocking Buffer recommended for a specific DuoSet ELISA Development Kit, please see the product .

Data Example

Human ST2 / IL-33 R ELISA Standard Curve

Product Datasheets

Preparation and Storage

Stability & Storage
Store the unopened product at 2 - 8 °C. Do not use past expiration date.

Background: ST2/IL-33 R

ST2, also known as IL-1 R4, is a component of the receptor for the proinflammatory cytokine Interleukin-33. The IL-33 receptor additionally includes IL-1 RAcp which also associates with IL-1 RI and IL-1 R rp2/IL-1 R6. A soluble form of ST2 functions as a decoy receptor. IL-33 promotes Th2-biased immune responses, resulting in eosinophilia, mast cell activation, and allergic inflammation. In addition, IL-33 enhances inflammation-associated hypernociception and protects from atherosclerosis and cardiac myocyte hypertrophy. Soluble ST2 is elevated in the serum under inflammatory conditions including allergic asthma, sepsis, trauma, dengue fever, pulmonary disease, and lupus. It is also associated aortic stenosis, congestive cardiomyopathy, and risk of cardiovascular heart failure and death.

Long Name:
Interleukin 33 Receptor
Entrez Gene IDs:
9173 (Human); 17082 (Mouse)
Alternate Names:
DER4; DER4ST2growth stimulation-expressed; Fit-1; IL-1 R4; IL1R4; IL-1R4; IL-1RL1; IL33R; IL-33R; interleukin 1 receptor-like 1; interleukin 1 receptor-related protein; interleukin-1 receptor-like 1; Ly84; MGC32623; Protein ST2; ST2; ST2L; ST2V; T1; T1homolog of mouse growth stimulation-expressed

Citations for Human ST2/IL-33 R DuoSet ELISA

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  1. GDF-15 is a better complimentary marker for risk stratification of arrhythmic death in non-ischaemic, dilated cardiomyopathy than soluble ST2
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  3. Soluble plasma proteins ST2 and CD163 as early biomarkers of nephropathy in Swedish patients with diabetes, 15-34�years of age: a prospective cohort study
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    Species: Human
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  4. A functional IL1RL1 variant regulates corticosteroid-induced sST2 expression in ulcerative colitis
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  8. Soluble ST2 Associates with Diabetes but Not Established Cardiovascular Risk Factors: A New Inflammatory Pathway of Relevance to Diabetes?
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  15. Measurement of interleukin-33 (IL-33) and IL-33 receptors (sST2 and ST2L) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
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    J Korean Med Sci, 0;26(9):1132-9.
    Species: Human
    Sample Types: Serum


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Human ST2/IL-33 R DuoSet ELISA
By Anonymous on 08/09/2017
Sample Tested: EDTA Plasma

We ran this ELISA with human plasma samples at a 1:20 dilution reaching high precision.

Human ST2/IL-33 R DuoSet ELISA
By Anonymous on 05/08/2017
Sample Tested: HUMAN SERUM