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8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B
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Substrate Reagent Pack Summary


Substrate Reagent Pack contains 8 vials of Color Reagent A (stabilized hydrogen peroxide, Part # 895000) and 8 vials of Color Reagent B (stabilized tetramethylbenzidine, Part # 895001), both at 12 mL/vial, producing color development when contacting HRP-conjugated or biotinylated, streptavidin-HRP bound detection antibodies.   


Store unopened at 2-8 °C. Stable for up to 30 days after opening when stored at 2-8 °C.


Warm to room temperature before use. Color Reagent A and Color Reagent B should be mixed together in equal volumes within 15 minutes of use. Protect from light. Add 100 µL of the mixture to each well and incubate at room temperature for 20 minutes while protecting from light. Add Stop Solution (Catalog # DY994) and read the microplate.


  • Caution: Color Reagent B may cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritation. Avoid breathing fumes. Wear protective gloves, clothing, and eye and face protection. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Please refer to the MSDS on our website prior to use. 

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Preparation and Storage

Stability & Storage
Store the unopened product at 2 - 8 °C. Do not use past expiration date.
⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including N,N-Dimethylforamide, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 01/03/2019

Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 12/10/2018

Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 11/21/2018

It is very stable before mixing the reagent A and B. One bottle of each is exactly enough for two plates which makes measuring simple.

Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 11/13/2018

Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 09/30/2018

Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 08/17/2018

Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 06/19/2018

Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 06/15/2018

Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 05/10/2018

Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 03/30/2018

Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 02/22/2018

Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 02/06/2018

Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 02/06/2018

Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 01/19/2018

Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 12/20/2017

Substrate Reagent Pack
By Anonymous on 12/15/2017

Substrate Reagent Pack (8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B)
By Anonymous on 12/05/2017

Substrate Reagent Pack (8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B)
By Anonymous on 09/07/2017

Our lab does many ELISAs. These substrate solutions are excellent, affordable, and easy to use.

Substrate Reagent Pack (8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B)
By Anonymous on 07/19/2017

Substrate Reagent Pack (8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B)
By Anonymous on 07/17/2017

Substrate Reagent Pack (8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B)
By Anonymous on 07/14/2017

Substrate Reagent Pack (8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B)
By Anonymous on 07/06/2017

Substrate Reagent Pack (8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B)
By Anonymous on 06/15/2017

Really Easy to use.
After the SA-HRP detection step for ELISA, wash wells 4 times with wash buffer, and add the Substrate and incubate for 20 mins in the dark. Stop the reaction using 0.2 M sulfuric acid. Read the plate at 450nm

Substrate Reagent Pack (8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B)
By Anonymous on 05/03/2017

Substrate Reagent Pack (8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B)
By Anonymous on 03/29/2017

Substrate Reagent Pack (8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B)
By Anonymous on 11/28/2016

Substrate Reagent Pack (8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B)
By Anonymous on 09/01/2016

Substrate Reagent Pack (8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B)
By Anonymous on 04/26/2016

Substrate Reagent Pack (8 vials Color A, 8 vials Color B)
By Anonymous on 01/18/2016